Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And our blog begins...

It is believed that the tradition of tossing the bouquet is a way of passing the bride’s good fortune on to others. It is this good fortune that comes in the form of petals and leaves and tied up with beautiful ribbon. The magic of flowers extends far beyond that one beautiful bouquet. Flowers are used to represent the bride and groom’s style. They create a mood and aid in the formation of a theme. And, they assist in making that special day a dream come true.

At Belles Fleurs Designs, we understand the desire of every bride to have the wedding of her dreams. Understanding that, we assist brides in realizing their dreams through the infusion of flowers into the event. Whatever the theme: classic and timeless, romantic and sweet, big city chic, or country casual...we see to it that the event creates memories to last a lifetime.