Sunday, July 18, 2010

Go-City Centric

Looking for a fun way to personalize your wedding? Go “city-centric” and highlight the places and landmarks where you first fell in love and will begin your new lives together as husband and wife! Each city is so unique and bursting with ideas to help couples personalize their big day, while being able to share with guests a bit of your relationship history.

As the owner of Brooklyn-based paperie, Lion in the Sun, Melinda Morris is an expert on wedding trends and has helped many soon-to-be-wed couples utilize the uniqueness of their city in their wedding planning and motif.

Here are a few ways to put the “city-centric” wedding trend to work for you:

- Use an picture of a landmark in your city, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge or the Sears Tower on the invitation

- Instead of numbers, name tables after popular neighborhoods in your city

- Use a vintage postcard from your city as a Save the Date

“For so many couples, the city where you live really sets the tone for who you are and your lifestyle,” says Melinda. “Whether it’s where you met or where you live now (or even a combination), using city-centric themes in your wedding is a great way to make guests feel connected to you and the city you love.”

(Reblogged from Premier Bride's Blog)