Thursday, January 5, 2012

North vs. South: A Tale of Two Weddings

Ok everyone, I (Amy) promised that I would start blogging in the New Year...and here I am! Resolution number 1 is being obeyed--so far.
While I was thinking about what to write for my first blog post at Belles Fleurs, an article that our friend Bill Emmetts from Divine posted definitely caught my eye...
He shared a piece from the Huffington Post about "The End of the Vintage Wedding Trend."
Basically, the article explained that vintage weddings along with their mason jars, mismatched furniture and wildflowers are on their way out. Themes are beginning to shift more towards that of the Royal Wedding: sumptuous whites, (crown) jewel tones, sleek metallics and a richness and opulence fit for a Duke and Duchess.
I get it. Really I do. Millions of future brides and future mothers of brides watched this real life fairytale unfold before their very eyes at 3:00 in the morning. The timeless and classic, borderline old Hollywood feel was just begging to be recreated. It's gorgeous...but does it work everywhere?
On a recent trip home to New Jersey, I found myself describing my new job to several of my parents' friends. I immediately started talking about all of our vintage weddings! They are fun and funky and when done right, can have so much personalization and personality. I think I managed to get out the word "burlap" before the suspicious looks started rolling in...
"Mason jars?...wait, like for jam?"
"So, none of the plates match? or the chairs??"
"People actually serve fried chicken and iced tea?"
I couldn't BELIEVE that these classy women had never heard of anything like this before! They know a wedding world of banquet halls, baroque hotel ballrooms and chic restaurants. They know floral sculptures, art installations, ice block initials and rich colors. They know shellfish towers, beef wellington, champagne cocktails and hazelnut dacquoise cake.
They DO NOT know burlap and twine, vintage brooches, milk glass, mustard and gray, mismatched silverware, succulents, collard greens or red velvet cake.
Honestly, it's all about the area that you live in! A vintage wedding might seem strange or out of place in New Jersey, but then again a big "royal" wedding could be too stuffy for Franklin, TN. Our area just begs for the vintage wedding. Look at all of the Antebellum plantations, mansions, and re-vamped factories in the area!
Now back to Jersey. Mason jars and Queen Anne's lace would stick out like a sore thumb in a plush hotel's ballroom. But--gorgeous royal purple rose topiaries, gunmetal linens, stone crab claws and a cake ball sculpture of Rodin's "The Kiss" would be juuuust right (...let me just have that one, ok?).
The bottom line is: both of these wedding styles are great! ...and not going anywhere! I really would love to be able to do a vintage wedding somewhere in New Jersey, though. Any takers?
Anyway, back to work now! I'm ironically about to post pictures to our Facebook page from a VINTAGE WEDDING photo shoot that we did last month. The pictures turned out great! Hope you all enjoy.