Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tamika and Broderick- June 6, 2009

If we were giving out superlatives, Tamika and Broderick would most definitely win the award for "Most Affectionate Couple." It is one of the most exciting things about being in this business, meeting some amazing couples that are so very much in love and about to begin a new journey together in life.

Tamika and Broderick met and fell in love in St. Louis, Missouri. They went to a park on their first date and within minutes they were surrounded by dragonflies. For those who do not know, dragonflies signify new beginnings in life. What they didn't know on that first date was that they could not have been sent a more clear sign. From that day forward Tamika and Broderick were inseparable.

The wedding and reception were held at the beautiful Millennium Maxwell House Hotel Nashville. And, the entire day was photographed by our good friends Michelle and Michael at Mahalo Photography (formerly Lamberth Photography). A big shout out to Allison of Ala Gala who was Tamika and Broderick's wedding planner and made sure the day ran smoothly and as planned.

The wedding colors were the very popular and very elegant Tiffany Blue and chocolate brown. The bridal party was one of the biggest we have ever done, 12 bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids. This is truly one blessed couple to have so many close friends and family members.

The bridesmaids dressed in flowing Tiffany Blue gowns carried bouquets of a single white rose and baby's breath.

The junior bridesmaids carried bouquets of baby's breath and wore stunning chocolate brown knee length dresses.

To symbolize their new beginning, Broderick wore a dragonfly pin in place of a flower bountonnier. It is the special and meaningful touches like this one that we love to see incorporated into weddings, as this truly carried a great deal of personal significance for the couple.

The bride walked down the aisle and was absolutely radiant. She carried a bouquet of chocolate cosmos, dark mango calla lilies, safari sunset, leonidas roses, and pods.

It was a day of celebration, as this couple very much in love began a new life together. We wish them nothing but happiness and continued love in their life together.

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