Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Crane Chandelier

We are always on the lookout for inspiration and innovative ideas to compliment our own creative process in making brides' dreams reality. To do this we scour websites, magazines, blogs, television...always trying to stay one step ahead of trends and wedding fashion. We come across some truly amazing material and don't see the fun in keeping it all to ourselves. Just recently we found The Wedding Co., a Toronto based company devoted to connecting brides and some of Canada's most talented wedding professionals.

Within about three minutes of entering the site we learned of The Wedding Co.'s Crane Chandelier Project. We were immediately intrigued and excited. This project seeks to construct a chandelier from thousands of origami cranes submitted by engaged couples worldwide. The exact number: 10,000.

With 10,000 of these peaceful tokens of love, the final creation will be a visual representation of a worldwide community of engaged and newly married couples. Each crane will represent a leap of love and the lifelong commitment. of two individuals. Additionally, each crane The Wedding Co. receives, a ¢50 donation will be made to The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation to fund cancer research.

You can get involved in this project by requesting a pre-made crane for yourself or an engaged friend or DIY ! Just don’t forget to write your names, your wedding date and your location somewhere on the crane. Cranes can be sent to:

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  1. Hi! Thanks a million for posting about our project, we're working really hard to reach our 10,000 crane goal by January 2011 and last week even had our designer drop by to start brainstorming how exactly we'd turn 10,000 paper cranes into a massive art installation (especially as we're going to have to start building it before they've all arrived!!)

    We are so completely honoured to receive each and every crane and it's been amazing how many couples have gotten involved.

    Thanks again,

    Stephanie Wright, Web Editor, The Wedding Co.